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Dr. Annemoon Timmerman

(Multi-)Infusion: challenges and technical solutions for medication safety


Infusion is among the most frequently used technologies in clinical practice. It is also one of the most hazardous medical practices which is shown by its recurrent prominent place in ECRI's top ten technology hazards. Dosing errors as well as the often infusion pump related alarm hazards are on top of the 2014 list. Patients often receive many co-infused medications. This practice of multi-infusion can lead to large and lethal deviations and variations in output concentrations. The infusion system consists of an intricate assembly of pumps, syringes, infusion lines and other parts. We present to you the challenges this system represents to safe drug dosage and the possibilities for technical solutions for better medication safety.

Annemoon Timmerman is a Medical Physicist and Patient Safety Officer at UMC Utrecht. She has been working on the subject of infusion safety since 2004. In 2013 she was awarded with two researcher excellence grants within the 'Metrology for drug delivery'* project.

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